I make custom made Hunting Knives and custom made Fillet Knives for fishing.

About Bruce Blades

Bruce Blades are intended to be used filleting fish, and skinning, gutting and processing big game. I produce well-made, attractive knives and sheaths.  All phases of production are done in my shop by me.  I grind the blade to shape, harden and temper it, attach the handle and other hardware, sharpen, and make the sheath. Your knife will arrive sharp and remain sharp for a long time under normal use.


I use AEB-L, ATS-34, and 440c stainless steels for fillet knives- hardened to 59-60C.  I use ATS-34, 154CM, and AEB-L stainless steels as well as 1084, 1095 and D2 high carbon steels.  These venerable steels have proven themselves to be hard working and tough.  They take an edge easily and hold it.  Hunting knives are hardened to 57-59C.      


Each knife that leaves my shop (except kitchen knives) includes a leather sheath (no Kydex). I use 8-9 oz. vegetable tanned leather.  Sheaths are fitted to the knife and are of the pouch style.  Sheaths are oil and/or dye finished. They may be vertical carry or horizontal carry. Sheaths can be made with a belt clip rather than a loop if desired.   


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